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Being a leading provider of industrial drying systems, we cater to the falling film evaporator and spray dryer plants by providing the panels required. Our products come with advanced features.

The various uses

Evaporators are one of the most widely used equipments in the food processing industry, namely milk and drink applicationsand food items like seasonings, edible oil, sauces, vegetable pastes and concentrates. It is used for removing water partially from liquid food by boiling. Evaporators are used for pre-concentration of food and to reduce or dry out the water content of liquid food completely. It can also change the color of the food. Another important equipment used by food processing applications is a spray dryer.It is used for converting liquidand suspensionsinto powder form with the aid of a gaseous hot drying medium.

Types of evaporator and spray dryer panels

  1. Manual system: The temperature in the manually operated panel is controlled with a PID controller and I/P present in the panel. The manual system also consists of a digital vacuum indicator for the purpose of indicating the vacuum in the evaporator.
  2. PLC based system: In case of a PLC based system, all evaporator & spray dryer operations are carried out automatically. The various parameters can be monitored on the HMI that comes with the panel. The flow transmitter and VFD provided in the panel is used to adjust the product flow.

Why choose us?

Our aim to provide you extremely innovative solutions at affordable prices and we wish to achieve excellence by providing customized solutions to our clients. We only use the latest technology so that our valued clients can fulfill their industrial drying requirements. We believe in maintaining transparency when we deal with you and always prioritize customer satisfaction. In addition, our products are easy to install and maintain as well.

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